Tiny Moving Parts - Swell LP/CD
£8.99 - £15.99

Tiny Moving Parts - Swell LP/CD
£8.99 - £15.99

Our favourites and yours, Tiny Moving Parts are back! Following the awesome Celebrate in 2016, the delightfully chipper trio from Benson, Minnesota bring you their brand-new record Swell.

The record sees the band building on Celebrate, with the band throwing into the melting pot, their impressively complex instrumentation, infectious melody and killer hooks to create a tight, mathy melodic punk combo that's hard to resist. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and a spring to your step this coming year!

Available on blue with pink blob (BSM exclusive) or black vinyl/CD and as a bundle with a brand new t-shirt!


1. Applause
2. Smooth It Out
3. Feel Alive
4. Caution
5. Wildfire
6. Whale Watching
7. It's Too Cold Tonight
8. Malfunction
9. Wishbone
10. Warm Hand Splash

1st pressing:
200 x blue with pink blob (BSM web exclusive)
600 x black
200 x transparent (Indie Record Store exclusive)

2nd pressing:
100 x clear with red, blue and yellow splatter
400 x black