Martha – Love Keeps Kicking – The ‘Mint’ Bundle
£27.99 - £34.99

Martha – Love Keeps Kicking – The ‘Mint’ Bundle
£27.99 - £34.99

Returning with their eagerly awaited third album, beloved British punks, Martha bring you Love Keeps Kicking, showing us all that while our world might be totally broken, there is still plenty worth fighting for.

Following on from the critically acclaimed ‘Blisters in the Pit of My Heart’, the band take you on another 11 track journey - big on melody, full of those gorgeous harmonies and massive hooks - with all the same wit, charm and songwriting craft that made us all fall so much in love with them in the first place. Another must-have record for old and new fans alike.

This is the Mint bundle and contains either the LP or CD, an exclusive t-shirt (designed by Dan Shannon), an absolutely incredible tea towel (by Chris Lafferty and Nathan SG) and sweet ‘Love Keeps Kicking’ patch. For those of you wanting even more there’s always the exclusive ‘Proper Mint’ Bundle with even more!

1. Heart is Healing
2. Sight for Sore Eyes
3. Into This
4. Wrestlemania VIII
5. Mini Was a Preteen Arsonist
6. Love Keeps Kicking
7. Brutalism by the River (Arrhythmia)
8. Orange Juice
9. The Void
10. Lucy Shone a Light on You
11. The Only Letter That You Kept

Blue with Blue Splatter / 300 – BSM webstore exclusive
Blood Red / 700 - Indie Store exclusive
Black/ 1000