Doe – Grow into It – Mega Bundle
£26.99 - £33.99

Doe – Grow into It – Mega Bundle
£26.99 - £33.99

Coming off the back of the critically acclaimed Some Things Last Longer Than You, London-based indie-rock trio, Doe are back in 2018 to bring you their incredible new record Grow into It.

If you’re into the likes of The Breeders, Weezer, Charly Bliss, Great Grandpa or Speedy Ortiz, you'll want to check this out right away. As NPR once said ‘Doe makes snide exasperation sound like a party’. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Released on 28th September this is the mega bundle! Not only do you get the LP or CD as well as the T-Shirt but you also a sweet signed print, enamel pin and plectrums!

1. My Friends
2. Labour like I Do
3. One at a Time
4. Team Spirit
5. But It All Looks the Same
6. Heated
7. Motivates Me
8. Even Fiction
9. Cathy
10. Here in the Dirt

200/ Transparent orange with green splatter (BSM exclusive)
500/ Black