The BSM ‘Beer Mat’ Sampler

The BSM ‘Beer Mat’ Sampler


We’re Big Scary Monsters - an independent record label from Oxford in the UK. You've probably stumbled here via our beer mat... Welcome!

Here’s 20 tracks of just some of the recent bands we’ve put out over our 16 years, for you to download for FREE!

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Hanging In

Cursive – Life Savings
Doe – Heated

Delta Sleep – San Soliel

The Get Up Kids – I’m Sorry

Orchards – Luv You 2

Gender Roles – Plastic

Tangled Hair – Nao Is My Driver

Nervus – Sick Sad World

Gulfer – Fading

Cassels – When Completing Handshakes

Jamie Lenman – Long Gone

Lemuria – Sliver of Change
Tiny Moving Parts - Caution

Slaughter Beach Dog – Sleepwalking

Kamikaze Girls – Teenage Feelings

Tricot – Tokyo Vampire Hotel 

Meat Wave - The Incessant

Alpha Male Tea Party – Have You Ever Seen Milk

Beach Slang – Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas (Quiet Slang)