Pet Sounds

Pet Sounds

A Colouring Book (of Sorts)

Looking for something to pass the time during lockdown limbo? In collaboration with our friend and all-round illustrative maestro Mr Gordo we’ve devised a little something to keep you entertained, be you big, small or.. furry?

Introducing Pet Sounds, a colouring book (of sorts) from Big Scary Monsters, for everyone who ever wondered what their pets get up to while they're at work... or not, in the case of spring 2020! Pick up your colouring pencils and dive into the story of our latest 'signing' Social Distance.

And there’s gotta be some merch right? To commemorate the signing of Social Distance, we devised what every (fantasy) band needs – an exclusive t-shirt and a patch to go along with it all too!!

As we’re all living through some tough old times and want to put a smile on your face all of this is just pay what you can * on everything - a physical copy of the colouring book, an awesome exclusive shirt and a patch! We want everyone involved no matter what your funds so set a price that works for you and order away!

Pay What You Can

Also if you just want to download a digital pdf of the colouring book to print off yourself for free - go ahead!

* Postage applies. Minimum price applies on T-Shirt (£5) and Patch (£1) – just to cover costs!