Read all about it! BSM create newspaper! 8 May 2019

We’ve gone and created a newspaper .. because... why not? It’s called The Test Press.

For a while now we’ve realised that there’s much more to us than just putting out records, and there’s far more to the bands and people we work with than just the music they make. So we’ve built a physical platform for them to talk and write about some of those things.

In The Test Press’ pages you’ll find advice from Employed To Serve’s Justine Jones on how to circumnavigate a mosh pit, Orchards’ Lucy Evers sits down with Cardiff based mental health charity HATW to discuss coping techniques, Nathan from Martha has a chat with Joey from itoldyouiwouldeatyou, and our pal Rob Mair explores emo from both sides of the Atlantic. To top it off we’ve got an advice column from Em Foster and Jim Beck (you might know them as the vocalists in Nervus and Cassels), Tangled Hair, Delta Sleep and Woahnows tell us about their perfect Sundays, and American Football give us the latest scores.

How can you get your hands on one of these elusive newspapers? Come down to our showcase at The Great Escape Festival this Saturday, Summer In The City, Big Day Out and various other festivals this summer to grab your copy!

Big shout out to Josie, Gem and all of the contributors for pulling this one together. It's been in progress for a long time and can now officially say it looks (and smells!) great