New album and single from Jamie Lenman! 15 March 2019

We're delighted to announce that Jamie Lenman will be releasing his new album - Shuffle - on 5th July!

Firstly though, how about we kick all this news off with a new single? Popeye, is a one minute short, sharp blast of classic frenetic 'heavy' Lenman for you to get your ears around:

Always one for continuously pushing the envelope as an artist and never one for conventional norms, Jamie's new record Shuffle is, at its very heart, a covers album.

Exploring the idea of the ‘shuffle’, where the listener goes on a journey of their own choosing, Jamie explores the notion of skipping through a variety of media picking out favourites and stumbling upon interesting curveballs to create a playlist unique to the listener. Shuffle is Jamie’s ambitious artistic take on this idea. Find out more about the concept and Jamie's take on it all here.

You can pre-order the new record now, with exclusive white LP (and CD) and t-shirt bundles and even a bespoke deluxe bundle of the album curated by Jamie himself, featuring an exclusive picture disc variant of the LP with unique artwork and all the collectable extras you can think of – including an exclusive T-Shirt, flexi-disc featuring two non album tracks and loads more!