Reuben - In Nothing We Trust LP / Shirt bundle £26.99

First Press: Released 14th July
Second Press: Released 11th August

Due to unbelievably high demand the first press has now sold out. Any orders made before 27th June will ship for 14th July. Online orders placed on or after 27th June will ship for 11th August

10 years on from it's original release, we're very excited to make Reuben's third and final album available on vinyl for the first time ever. Read more about the record here

Available on white vinyl, the album comes with a digital download including three bonus tracks, and the first 200* orders through this webstore will receive a free CD copy of the album, originally released via the bands own label, Hideous Records, in 2007.

Shirts are screen printed black Gildan Heavy

*the first 200 copies including free CDs have now sold out - sorry/thanks


01. Cities on Fire
02. We're All Going Home In An Ambulance
03. Suffocation of the Soul
04. Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin
05. An Act of Kindness
06. Crushed Under the Weight of the Enormous Bullshit
07. Good Luck
08. Agony/Agatha
09. Three Hail Marys
10. Blood, Bunny, Larkhall
11. A Short History of Nearly Everything