PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries LP / Tape and shirt bundle £14.99 – £24.99

From the moment we first heard this record we were head over heels in love so we're delighted to be giving one of 2015's best albums a first European vinyl pressing. PWR BTTM, if you're not yet antiquated, are an incredibly important band and Ugly Cherries an absolutely amazing record, documenting the duo's experiences with queerness, gender and adulthood over the course of a year living in upstate New York.

Our pressing of the record includes two brand new bonus tracks.

Shirts are daisy Gildan Soft


1. Short-Lived Nightmare
2. Dairy Queen
3. I Wanna Boi
4. Ugly Cherries
5. Serving Goffman
6. Nu 1
7. West Texas
8. 1994
9. C U Around
10. All The Boys
11. House In Virginia
12. Projection *
13. New Hampshire *

* Exclusive bonus track

Pressing Info

100 / Tape
100 / Purple LP
400 / Black LP