Into It Over It - Twelve Towns CD £5.99

This is the culmination of Into It. Over It.'s Twelve Towns Series. Evan teamed up with six other artists to release six separate split 7 inches each limited to 500. Now that all of them are sold out we are pleased to bring you the Into It. Over It. tracks from the 7 inch series completely remastered and in one location. This release includes a bonus track that wasn't part of the 7 inch series titled "Westmont, NJ".

01. Nashville, TN
02. Orlando, FL
03. Brenham, TX
04. Cambridge, MA
05. Summerville, SC
06. Westmont, NJ
07. Augusta, GA
08. Buffalo, NY
09. Billings, MT
10. Portland, OR
11. Washington, DC
12. Pontiac, MI