Sleep Kit

SLEEP KIT, a co-op by friends from the most western part of Germany, Aachen, and the most eastern part of the Netherlands, Maastricht, decided to get it down in 2012 and start writing their first EP influenced by the almighty punk band JAWBREAKER, the noise rock icons SONIC YOUTH, the great Seattle based band LYNC and a DIY ethos that all of the members internalized growing up in the alternative (music) scene.

Though originally planned out as two bands, the guys realised that it would be best to throw everything in one big pot and team up after their very first rehearsal. They were all involved in punk culture and music in general (volunteering in socio-political autonomous places or setting up shows) and played with other bands before they decided to form SLEEP KIT. This helped starting up from scratch with a completely new sound they describe as "aggressive, melancholic, melodic, sometimes apathetic, dreamy and instinctive."

Following weekenders and single shows with acts like DIE DIE DIE and post-rockers CASPIAN, they recorded their debut s/t EP at a friends home studio and self-released it on tape in 2013. An aggressive melange of indie-infused punk-rock reminiscent of early 90's indie rock released on Sub Pop, Merge, Touch & Go and K Records, plus 90's emo and hardcore released on Ebullition, Gravity, et al.

Sleep Kit have now released two albums with us at BSM - 'Sleep Kit' and 'II'


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