Pkew Pkew Pkew

There was once a time when Toronto’s Pkew Pkew Pkew were the sort of band who revelled, unquestioningly, in the grimy chaos of the mosh pit, or an up-until-the-sun bender, or a skate session in an abandoned pool. But things have changed: the pit started to feel more like a workout, the bender gave way to a crushing hangover, and someone broke their wrist in that abandoned pool. Yet the band––made up of Mike Warne (guitars/vocals), Ryan McKinley (guitars/vocals), Emmett O’Reilly (bass/vocals) and David Laino (drums)––somehow just keeps keepin’ on.

What’s to come from Pkew Pkew Pkew doesn’t offer any solutions to their reckless behaviours, but instead catalogues them with unflinching clarity and precision. Warne writes in a style similar to The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn; in fact, in the spring of 2017, Finn himself even went to Toronto to help work on songs with the band.

“You know in school when you can hand your work in early, and the teacher will read it and give it back to you, and then you can really hand it in? It was kinda like that,” grins Warne.