Meet Me In St Louis

According to a popular film and television website, "Meet Me In St. Louis is delightful, classic, nostalgic, poignant, and romanticized". Some of these words may ring true for the band, but in the most part this is a very different beast. Completely incomparable and definitely something to behold.

Taking their name from the popular 1940's Judy Garland film, the band formed in June 2005 setting up base in Guildford, each member delighted to finally have a chance to enjoy the novelty of writing with a team of equally talented musicians, all set on creating something slightly out of the norm. Blending schizophrenic time-changes, blast beats, huge guitar riffs and catchy vocal hooks sounds like a recipe for disaster but that wasn't to be the case, with the band quickly rising to the forefront of the UK underground scene and causing jaws to hit the ground right the way across the country with their blistering live assault.

In front a crowd is where this band really come into their own. Having perfectly honed their style after playing every toilet venue up and down the UK, as well as a fortnight-long trip around Eastern Europe, it's about more than the music. Limbs flailing and spilling into the crowd, it's a live performance you and your painfully ringing ears won't forget in a long time, and as good a reason as any to why so many people are tipping this band for greatness.

Their debut EP, the tongue-twisting 'And with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark; the place where the wave finally broke and rolled back' (released via local label Function Records in summer 2006) was as well received as it was overly titled. Plaudits in hand Meet Me In St. Louis set about writing their first full-length record. A chance email was sent and new fan and friend-to-be, Alex Newport (the genius producer behind records from At The Drive-In, The Locust, The Mars Volta, Sepultura and many, many more), flew over to engineer the release in January 2007 at the renowned Miloko Studios in London. A tiring two weeks (diarised on the Drowned In Sound website) filled with highs and lows, sound tweaking and illness followed, with the band eventually coming away with what will soon be regarded as one of the debut albums of the year. A truly astonishing record from a band on the verge of following their namesake into genre-defining history.

UNFORTUNATELY TOBY LEFT THE BAND IN NOVEMBER 2007 AND MEET ME IN ST LOUIS SPLIT UP IN FEBRUARY 2008. Sorely missed but never forgotten...........But not before REFORMING in 2016 for a small run of shows in July across Kingston, Leeds and London. The band will play their final farewell gig at ArcTanGent Festival August 2016.


  • Meet Me In St Louis - Variations On Swing
    BSM 048 · Sept 2007
  • Meet Me In St Louis / Secondsmile - Split 7"
    BSM 043 · Jul 2007
  • Meet Me In St Louis - All We Need Is A Little Energon And A Lot of Luck
    BSM 047 · Sept 2007