Matt Pryor

Matt Pryor is a songwriter that needs little or no introduction. He is, for sure, best known as the singer/guitarist for Kansas City's favorite sons, The Get Up Kids. But in addition to spending the better part of the last 15 years making records and touring the world with that pioneering and influential group, Pryor has found an outlet for his musical whimsy in a number of other different, and varied ways. There is, most notably, the New Amsterdams - the first project he embarked on alongside The Get Up Kids, with six album releases. In addition, Pryor has an alter-ego The Terrible Twos - a children's music combo. And in 2008, his debut solo album, Confidence Man - the first under his own name - which was released by his longtime label Vagrant. This amounts to an expansive catalog - over 15 full lengths alone (!) - all with Pryor's biting and insightful songwriting and distinctive vocal delivery.

And this continued in 2012 with a brand new solo release - again under his own name - called May Day. Like Confidence Man the new album was once more recorded at Pryor's home studio, jammed in during the rare off time during what ended up being a busy 2011 for The Get Up Kids. Pryor had a number of song ideas rolling around in some form for a while, but it all coalesced in the month of May - hence the title. A concept album? In execution maybe, though not thematically. But indeed, Pryor finished writing, then recorded and mixed the album, during May of 2011.


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