Joyce Manor

You ask the guys of Joyce Manor to describe themselves, they'll tell you the band is "four guys who have a taste for bad Chinese food, Thin Lizzy guitar solos, and calling 'shotgun'." But one listen to their infectiously catchy pop-punk reveals them as much, much more than that. Joyce Manor deconstructs punk rock to it's most catchy core with Weezer-esque pop sensibilities and gigantic hooks that beg you to sing along.

Originally conceived as a 2-piece acoustic duo in 2008 by singer/guitarist Barry Johnson and guitarist Chase Knobbe during a drunken escapade at Disneyland, the band grew to include Matt Ebert (bass/vocals) and Kurt Walcher (drums) by November of 2009. After releasing a demo and a split 7", the band released their first self-titled full-length in 2011 on 6131 Records to critical acclaim. LA Weekly singled out Joyce Manor as "one of the most promising bands" in LA, while Absolutepunk hailed them by saying, "Joyce Manor have become the poster child for the young band that does everything right." Alternative Press called their debut a "sprightly, enjoyable record," and Bring On Mixed Reviews commented, "It's rare that a band gets it this right with their first effort," while Decoy Music claims "Joyce Manor is one of a few bands to do their forefathers proud." Perhaps Punknews put it best and most simply though, when bestowing upon the band the honor of 2011 Album of the Year, that "Joyce Manor is everyone's favorite new artist. Those who disagree are clearly lying."

Joyce Manor released their third album Never Hungover Again on 22 July 2014.


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