HYMNS are a very sharp two-piece atheist rock band from the midlands comprising of Samuel Manville and Peter Reisner. Hymns is an interpretation of classical music through the medium of vocals, guitar and drums. Taking inspiration from the classical works of Arvo Part, Ludovico Einaudi and Steve Reich fused with the garage rock of Forget Cassettes, and Des Ark.

On the debut double album Cardinal Sins / Contrary Virtues, Hymns create a unique, yet timeless sound. These beautiful, but perfectly serious, joyless songs of Apocalypse rely on the vocals of the Sam who screams as convincingly and genuinely as anyone. At the core lyrical concept is atheism, reinterpreting classical standards, through the filter of post-punk and Nick Cave. Big guitars with intricate drums and a vocal line that's far from priest like. This album is delivered with enough vitriol to fuel a thousand Death Metal acts.

Live is where Hymns excel, rigging the guitar through two guitar amps and a bass amp. They slip between bold and brittle, brash and delicate with precision and conviction putting most bands of more conventional member numbers to shame.


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