Hop Along

The evolvement of a band is an oft marvellous but rarely breathtaking inevitability. As confidence grows, so does the need to create grand polish and this can destroy the heart of a band. Frances Quinlan sits at the centre of Philadelphia-based three-piece, Hop Along. Her rapacious desire and single-minded drive gives the band their longevity but she herself is the heart of the band and she will not be destroyed.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Hop Along began as the solo project of Quinlan, the diminutive singer-songwriter, before recruiting her brother Mark Quinlan (drums) and Tyler Long (bass) to flesh out their sound. It's here where the band really came into their own, adding power to the sometimes-fragile-sometimes-ear-shattering vocals, leading them to create one of the most interesting and exciting records of 2012.

Get Disowned, despite it's rugged charm and spiky persona, is a grand and complex affair. Dealing with the inevitability of death and the trappings of youth, it would be extremely easy to get lost in the gloom, but Hop Along manage to guide you through their dark with considered allure. The vocals entwine with unpredictable frailty that excites with immeasurable power while the weighed drum grooves underline the enchanting capitals. The guitars crackle with ragged playfulness, toying with distorted riffs atop driving melodies. Get Disowned pits punk against DIY folk while the breathy vocals spin their charm from above.

Produced by Algernon Cadwallader's Joe Reinhart, Get Disowned is ten tracks of unadulterated wonder. Given a US release through local label, Hot Green Records in late 2012, the record caused a groundswell of support that reached across the globe as the word of mouth machine slowly cranked up. A relentless touring schedule was drawn up and Get Disowned finally got a UK release!


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