Dad Rocks!

Icelandic musician Snaevar Albertsson is the mastermind behind Dad Rocks!, the solo project of the singer who initially rose to prominence with the Danish band Mimas. Dad Rocks!, however, is quite different: the guitar here is mostly acoustic and is accompanied by piano, trumpet, violin, viola, handclaps and much more. As Dad Rocks!, Albertsson is inspired by acts such as Bill Callahan, Owen, Why?, Akron/Family and Do Make Say Think. This has led to a sound that is a unique mix of folk, pop and lo-fi with complex guitar-work and anthem-like arrangements.

However, Snaevar Albertsson's primary sources of inspiration are the relations closest to him. Most of all his little daughter who also inspired the name Dad Rocks!, naturally a pun on the 'dad rock' genre. The use of pathos and irony is something that is explored throughout his work. Lyrically, this is also a central aspect with subjects both big and small. Sometimes delivered almost cynically but with words that are close to naivism. Underneath this, the irony lurks at every corner, and even the title of the debut EP, 'Digital Age', explores this dynamic


  • Dad Rocks! - Mount Modern
    BSM 124 · Nov 2011
  • Dad Rocks! - Digital Age EP
    BSM 097 · Aug 2010
  • Dad Rocks! - Big Scary Covers
    BSM 104 · Nov 2010

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