Band On Band

Welcome to our ‘Band on Band’ series, where our own artists and friends of the label talk about their fave BSM releases and why. Read/listen on - we hope you discover something great too – tell us on our socials if you do!

Gnarwolves on Grown Ups

Charlie from Gnarwolves tells us why More Songs by Grown Ups is his favourite.

I remember when Gnarwolves first started & I met a bunch of lads who would always play a bunch of records at our house & this one always stood out for me. It was the tech style crossed with the gritty sound & vocals that sold it for me. I love the gruffed out vocals (obviously) haha. But yeah it was one of the first of what I call "twiddly emo" records I heard & it's still one of the best imo.
- Charlie, Gnarwolves

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