Band On Band

Welcome to our ‘Band on Band’ series, where our own artists and friends of the label talk about their fave BSM releases and why. Read/listen on - we hope you discover something great too – tell us on our socials if you do!

Ross , Lonely The Brave on Jeniferever

Ross of Lonely The Brave and (for older listeners) once of Secondsmile/The Tupolev Ghost tells us why his favourite BSM release is the Iris EP from Jeniferever.

"I guess it could be loosely put under the post rock tag, but it's way more than that. Real, proper beautiful songs with incredible instrumentation going on throughout, with a lot of soul to it.

It was released the same year as Secondsmile’s debut EP in 2004 and I'd say it influenced us a great deal with the music we then went on to make. Listening to it now, it could have been released last week. Way ahead of the game that band. But saying that, hearing it again does take me right back to that golden time, and makes me happy and sad all at the same time. Wonderful years. This is a Beautifully melancholic record that I can't recommend enough".

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Lucinda, Kamikaze Girls on La Dispute

My favourite BSM release was La Dispute ‘Rooms Of The House’ a couple of years back. I love everything about this record. I love how huge it sounds, and how intense it is.

Jordan’s lyrics and approach to writing is incredible and I love how he takes a fictional concept and turns it into something really special.

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Jeremy Bolm, Touche Amore on Kevin Devine

Jeremy from Touche Amore , tells us why you all should be listening to Kevin Devine.

'Kevin Devine is one of those special singer / songwriters that don't come around too often. I'd put him in the same line with the likes of Conor Oberst, Ben Gibbard, or Sufjan Stevens, not because they are anything alike but because they each have a hyper specific sound. You could pinpoint his influences from Elliott Smith to Leonard Cohen as they reflect his talent and lyrical abilities. Not only does Kevin continue to write heartfelt, honest, tragic and often humorous songs, he does it while radiating kindness and compassion. I'm not sure it's possible to be a fairweather KD fan, as once you're in, you're in for the long haul.'

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Gnarwolves on Grown Ups

Charlie from Gnarwolves tells us why More Songs by Grown Ups is his favourite.

I remember when Gnarwolves first started & I met a bunch of lads who would always play a bunch of records at our house & this one always stood out for me. It was the tech style crossed with the gritty sound & vocals that sold it for me. I love the gruffed out vocals (obviously) haha. But yeah it was one of the first of what I call "twiddly emo" records I heard & it's still one of the best imo.
- Charlie, Gnarwolves

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