Big Scary Monsters is an independent currently label based in Dalston, East London. Having formed in The Middle Of Nowhere Oxfordshire at the turn of the century, the label is owned and operated by Kevin Douch, with the help of a few wonderful friends. It has so far been responsible for releases from the likes of Andrew W.K., Pulled Apart By Horses, Cursive, Meet Me In St Louis, Bear vs Shark, DZ Deathrays, This Town Needs Guns, Tall Ships, Matt Pryor, Walter Schreifels, Adebisi Shank, Joyce Manor, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and many, many more.

In 2011 BSM helped form the Pink Mist collective with Holy Roar and Blood And Biscuits Records. Later joined by Tangled Talk, the collective work together to release even more good music, promote shows across London and run a popular music blog.

BSM also host an annual 5-a-side football tournament, pulling together the "sporting elite of the music industry" in what can only be described as a tired embarrassment of people who "used to be good when they were 12".


General label enquiries (including distribution/wholesale orders) - bsmrocks@gmail.com

Mailorder enquiries - distro@awesomemerchandise.com

Webmaster - leigh@lwjonesdesign.co.uk


Q. I placed a mailorder 2 weeks ago and it hasn't arrived, is everything ok?
A. If you want to check up on an order, email distro@awesomemerchandise.com with the info. Please note, pre-order items are usually shipped the week before release. Also, don't contact us about orders via Facebook or Twitter, we need your info to look into it for you properly.

Q. I placed a mailorder 7 hours ago and it hasn't arrived, what the fuck?!
A. What the fuck indeed. Grow up and never contact us again.

Q. I'm in a band and I want to send you a 50mb wav file of a track we just recorded. We are yet to add the bass or vocals, it's not mixed and it's far from being our best song. Interested? (also see: funk bands and artists who begin emails with "we are the future of music")
A. OH WOW, WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! Send your huge attachments to whatareyouthinking@goaway.cok. Those of you who have STREAMING links to GOOD music and a sense that we genuinely may enjoy it, please email to bsmrocks@gmail.com with a bit of info about yourselves.

Q. I work for a shop/run a distro, could we stock your releases?
A. Absolutely! Email bsmrocks@gmail.com and we'll send you our wholesale info.

Q. I'm a promoter and would like to book one of your bands, how can I do this?
A. Email bsmrocks@gmail.com and we'll put you in touch with the relevant people.

Q. Why did you begin BSM?
A. Girls and money

Q. Would you recommend starting an independent record label?
A. I'd recommend building a time machine first.

Q. What's your favourite ever BSM release?
A. I like them all exactly the same. Except maybe a couple of them. But I'm not telling you which.

Q. Looking at your back catalogue your release numbers seem pretty messed up, how come?
A. Just because I run a record label, it doesn't mean I can count right. There may have been a couple of little slip-ups along the way, and releases often move a little, but we're just about on track again now!

Q. How did you come to work with Andrew W.K.?
A. Got drunk, sent an email, professed my love, went for dinner, talked about Mr Bean, hatched a plan, won some money in a Fantasy Football league, spent it on square-shaped vinyl, the end.

Q. Can I play in the BSM 5-a-side football tournament?
A. Are you Gylfi Sigurdsson? If not, probably no room for you.


001. V/A - A Taste Of The Horrors To Come (Jan-01. BSM001)
002. Mountain Men Anonymous / Teflon Monkey - As The Duck Bit Back... Part 1 (Feb-01. DUK0101)
003. Econoline / Caretaker - As The Duck Bit Back... Part 2 (Mar-01. DUK0102)
004. V/A - You Do Know What This Means Don't You? (Jun-02. BSM007)
005. Hiding With Girls - Marty McFly (Jun-02. HWG001)
006. Through Silence - Two Words One Girl (Jan-03. BSMMAC001)
007. My Awesome Compilation - Every Souvenir Has A Story (Mar-03)
008. Hiding With Girls - The Gaps In Sound (Mar-03. FZBX009)
009. My Favourite Co-Pilot - When All Your Hopes Fall (Aug-03. BSMMFCP001)
010. Emotive Exposed - A Period Of This (Aug-03)
011. Jeniferever / The Next Autumn Soundtrack - Split (Dec-03. BSM008)
012. V/A - Making It Up As We Go Along (Dec-03. BSM009)
013. FogDonkey - Hot Town Fever (Feb-04. BSM010)
014. Written From Negative - They Dance Like That In Clubs (Feb-04)
015. The Dudley Corporation / Querelle - Split (Mar-04)
016. Jeniferever - Iris (Jun-04. BSM020)
017. Stories And Comets / Face For Radio - Split (Jun-04)
018. Secondsmile - I Am Not Romeo, You Are Not Juliet (Oct-04. BSM021)
019. Sparks Lights & Flames - Vegas Psalms, Casino Hymns (Jan-05. BSM023)
020. Chariots - Daybreak (Jan-05. BSM022)
021. The Remarkable Rocket vs Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Split 3" CD (Jan-05)
022. Itch - Well Well Well Three Holes In The Ground (Feb-05. BSM025)
023. Pictures Paint Words - Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (Feb-05. BSM028)
024. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly - Get Cape Wear Cape Fly (Apr-05. BSM029)
025. V/A - All The Better To Eat You With, My Dear (May-05. BSM027)
026. Days Ago - Mantrap The Surveyors (And Kiss The Weather Girls) (Aug-05. BSM030)
027. Jairus - Jairus EP (Nov-05. BSM033)
028. V/A - The New Blood (Dec-05. BSM032)
029. Get Cape Wear Cape Fly / Dave House - Split 10" (Jan-06. BSM034)
030. Secondsmile - Walk Into The Light And Reach For The Sky (Feb-06. BSM031)
031. The Campaign For Real Time - Yes... I Mean, No (Feb-06. BSM035)
032. Secondsmile - Astronauts (Jul-06. BSM037)
033. This Town Needs Guns - Hippy Jam Fest… (Sep-06. BSM036)
034. V/A - Svenskt (Oct-06. BSM040)
035. Yndi Halda - Enjoy Eternal Bliss (Jan-07. BSM039)
036. Richard Walters - Pilotlights EP (Feb-07. BSM041)
037. This Town Needs Guns - Wanna Come Back To My Room... (May-07. BSM042)
038. Meet Me In St Louis / Secondsmile - Split 7" (Jul-07. BSM043)
039. V/A - Record Label Shmecord Label (Jul-07. BSM045)
040. This Town Needs Guns / Cats And Cats And Cats - Split CD (Sep-07. BSM046)
041. Meet Me In St Louis - All We Need Is A Little Energon And A Lot of Luck (Sep-07. BSM047)
042. Meet Me In St Louis - Variations On Swing (Sep-07. BSM048)
043. The Campaign For Real Time - Let It Rise! (Oct-07. BSM038)
044. The New 1920 - Torpedo Libido (Nov-07. BSM049)
045. House of Brothers - Deadman EP (Dec-07. BSM050)
046. Sam Isaac - Sideways (Dec-07. BSM051)
047. V/A - BSM / Xtra Mile Lock Rock Horns (Dec-07. BSM052)
048. Itch - The Bombshell (Jan-08. BSM044)
049. Anathallo - Hanasakajiji (Four: A Great Wind More Ash) (Feb-08. BSM054)
050. This Town Needs Guns - I'll Forgive You For Throwing That Rock (Mar-08. BSM056)
051. Tubelord - Feed Me A Box of Words (Mar-08. BSM055)
052. V/A - 50 Not Out (Apr-08. BSM053)
053. V/A - The 6 Machine (Jun-08. BSM057)
054. Secondsmile - Tell Me A Story (Jun-08. BSM059)
055. Secondsmile - Years (Jul-08. BSM060)
056. Blakfish - See You In Another City (Jul-08. BSM061)
057. This Town Needs Guns / Pennines - Split (Sep-08. BSM062)
058. Tubelord - I Am Azerrad (Sep-08. BSM065)
059. Mimas - The Worries (Oct-08. BSM064)
060. This Town Needs Guns - Animals (Oct-08. BSM066)
061. Pulled Apart By Horses - Meat Balloon (Oct-08. BSM067)
062. Shoes And Socks Off - From The Muddy Banks Of Melitzer (Dec-08. BSM068)
063. Wintermute - Dead Or Not He Was Wearing Sunglasses (Feb-09. BSM070)
064. V/A - BSM ’09 Collection: Spring (Feb-09. BSM071)
065. Copy Haho - Bred For Skills And Magic (Feb-09. BSM069)
066. The Tupolev Ghost - The Tupolev Ghost (Mar-09. BSM072)
067. Native - We Delete; Erase (Apr-09. BSM073)
068. V/A - To Let (Apr-09. BSM076)
069. Wintermute - Robot Works (Apr-09. BSM075)
070. Shapes - The Pasture, The Oil (May-09. BSM074)
071. Mutiny On The Bounty - Danger Mouth (Jun-09. BSM078)
072. Adebisi Shank - This Is The Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Jun-09. BSM079)
073. Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood (Jul-09. BSM080)
074. V/A - BSM ‘09 Collection: Summer (Jul-09. BSM071)
075. The Tupolev Ghost / Shapes / Holy State / Brontide - Holy Monsters (Aug-09. BSM081)
076. Blakfish - Champions (Aug-09. BSM082)
077. Talons - The Pearl (Aug-09. BSM083)
078. Shoes And Socks Off - Hand-Reared Suburban Piglet (Sep-09. BSM084)
079. Colour - Anthology (Sep-09. BSM085)
080. V/A - BSM ’09 Collection: Autumn (Oct-09. BSM071)
081. Calories - Let's Pretend That We're Older (Nov-09. BSM086)
082. Talons / And So I Watch You From Afar - Split 3" CD (Nov-09. BSM077)
083. Kevin Devine - Splitting Up Christmas (Dec-09. BSM087.1 - 9)
084. Shoes And Socks Off - Where The Skyline Is Fortified By Windows And Doors (Dec-09. BSM088)
085. V/A - BSM ’09 Collection: Winter (Dec-09. BSM071)
086. V/A - BSM ’10 Collection (Jan-10 - Dec-10. BSM089.1 - 52)
087. Andrew WK - I'm A Vagabond (Feb-10. BSM090)
088. Tall Ships - Tall Ships (Mar-10. BSM093)
089. Talons/Noumenon - Split CD (Apr-10. BSM091)
090. Walter Schreifels - An Open Letter To The Scene (Apr-10. BSM092)
091. Noumenon - Party Mathletics EP (May-10. BSMUSA001)
092. Grown Ups - More Songs (May-10. BSMUSA002)
093. Shoes And Socks Off - Don't Blame Yourself, It's In Your Blood (May-10. BSM094)
094. Hanalei - One Big Night (Jun-10. BSMUSA003)
095. Kevin Devine - She Stayed As Steam EP (Jul-10. BSM096)
096. Shoes And Socks Off - Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not (Jul-10. BSM095)
097. Dad Rocks! - Digital Age EP (Aug-10. BSM097)
098. Hold Your Horse Is - Rammin’ It Home EP (Aug-10. BSM098)
099. Adebisi Shank - This Is The Second Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Sep-10. BSM099)
100. V/A - Partied Hard (Sep-10. BSM100)
101. Talons - Commemorations (Oct-10. BSM102)
102. Tall Ships - There Is Nothing But Chemistry Here (Oct-10. BSM101)
103. Mimas - Lifejackets (Oct-10. BSM103)
104. Talons - Hollow Realm (Nov-10. BSM106)
105. Dad Rocks - Big Scary Covers (Nov-10. BSM104)
106. Tellison - Collarbone (Nov-10. BSM107)
107. V/A - We Ruined His Birthday With An Invisible Balloon (Dec-10. BSM105)
108. V/A - BSM '11 Collection (Jan-11 - Dec-11. BSM106.01 - BSM106.52)
109. Hold Your Horse Is - Forgive And Forget (Jan-11. BSM109)
110. Hymns - A Punch To The Temple (Feb-11. BSM110)
111. Tall Ships - Plate Tectonics (Mar-11. BSM112)
112. Tangled Hair - Apples (Apr-11. BSM108)
113. Bear vs Shark - Right Now You're In The Best Of Hands... (May-11. BSM111)
114. V/A - BSM 5-a-side 2011 (Jun-11. BSM116)
115. Tall Ships - Hit The Floor (Mar-11. BSM112)
116. Shapes - Monotony Chic (Jun-11. BSM114)
117. Shoes And Socks Off - Dot Dot Dot And Other Works (Jul-11. BSM113)
118. Hymns - Revelations (Jul-11. BSM118)
119. Algernon Cadwallader - Parrot Flies (Aug-11. BSM117)
120. Rosa Valle - Holy Bermuda (Aug-11. BSM119)
121. DZ Deathrays - Ruined My Life (Sep-11. BSM120)
122. Kevin Devine - Between The Concrete And Clouds (Oct-11. BSM122)
123. Big Success - Big Success (Oct-11. BSM121)
124. Algiers - Four Priests (Oct-11. BSM125)
125. Dad Rocks! - Mount Modern (Nov-11. BSM124)
126. Hymns - Cardinal Sins/Contrary Virtues (Dec-11. BSM123)
127. Matt Pryor - May Day (Jan-12. BSM124CD)
128. Cursive - I Am Gemini (Feb-12. BSM126)
129. Crash of Rhinos - Distal (Apr-12. BSM127)
130. Tall Ships - T=0 (Apr-12. BSM130)
131. Joyce Manor - Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired (May-12. BSM128)
132. Shoes And Socks Off - Miles Of Mad Water (May-12. BSM131)
133. Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere (Jul-12. BSM129)
134. Minus The Bear - Steel And Blood (Aug-12. BSM132)
135. Minus The Bear - Infinity Overhead (Sep-12. BSM133)
136. Toe - The Future Is Now EP (Sep-12. BSM134)
137. Gnarwolves - CRU EP (Oct-12. BSM136)
138. Tall Ships - Everything Touching (Oct-12. BSM135)
139. Colour - Anthology (Dec-12. BSM085V)
140. Axes - Axes (Apr-13. BSM137)
141. Hop Along - Get Disowned (Apr-13. BSM138)
142. Delta Sleep - Management (May-13. BSM140)
143. Gnarwolves - Funemployed (Jun-13. BSM139)
144. Crash of Rhinos - Knots (Jul-13. BSM141)
145. Woahnows - The Joy Disorder (Sep-13. BSM143)

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